1. Absolution (Prod. by Big Poppa Nard)
2. Im A Superstar feat. Soldier (Prod. by KZ Got Grindz)
3. Somebody (Prod. by Onata)
4. Life (Prod. by Sergio Cortez)
5. Just So You Know (Prod. by Onata)
6. Green Light Special (Prod. by Sergio Cortez)
7. Stand Tall feat. Isla-Jay (Prod. by Onata)
8. That Dope Beat feat. Izy-O (Prod. by Don Cox)
9. What I Stand For feat. Shaq of 4's ENT., Pyro Tha Flame & Da Bull Na (Prod. by KZ Got Grindz)
10. Immortal feat DJ Bubb & Vito Cognac (Prod. by KZ Got Grindz)
11. Afro American Roulette (Prod. by Sergio Cortez)
12. Worldly Corruption (Prod. by D. Xplode)
The Rel One – – Maryland's Own

The Rel One

released 2005

1. Intro
2. Rap Monster
3. Holdin Steady
4. MD DC VA /Feat. Flaw & Poppi
5. You Can Bounce
6. Still Sleepin
7. You Gonna / Feat. J. Sparka
8. Porno Movie
9. 4 Ever King of MD
10. Don’t Play That / Feat. K-Mont
11. Live As U Learn / Feat. Fatz Corleone
12. Cuz I’m Relentlezz / Feat. De’Aticuz
13. Club or Thug / Feat. ELO
14. MD DC VA Remix / Feat. K.O.A.
15. Victory