1. Absolution (Prod. by Big Poppa Nard)
2. Im A Superstar feat. Soldier (Prod. by KZ Got Grindz)
3. Somebody (Prod. by Onata)
4. Life (Prod. by Sergio Cortez)
5. Just So You Know (Prod. by Onata)
6. Green Light Special (Prod. by Sergio Cortez)
7. Stand Tall feat. Isla-Jay (Prod. by Onata)
8. That Dope Beat feat. Izy-O (Prod. by Don Cox)
9. What I Stand For feat. Shaq of 4's ENT., Pyro Tha Flame & Da Bull Na (Prod. by KZ Got Grindz)
10. Immortal feat DJ Bubb & Vito Cognac (Prod. by KZ Got Grindz)
11. Afro American Roulette (Prod. by Sergio Cortez)
12. Worldly Corruption (Prod. by D. Xplode)
YEAH, IM RELENTLEZ. VOL 4 – – Maryland's Own


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*album cover done by John Tomlinson*
Yeah Im Relentlezz Vol.4

01 Tyranny (prod. by Rashon Willis aka Shon Montana)
02 The Good Life ft. Marjorie Leonce aka Marr J
03 We Up feat. Toomuchjuice Karma aka Lord Karma, G IzSo Nice, Ray Munch-Dog Holt
04 She Will (remix)
05 If They Only Knew feat. Redboi Rockum, Munch Dog
06 GO
07 Blue Light Special (prod. by. Yung Hit Maker aka Alqaida Sosa)
08 Lets Ride feat Don Cox (prod. by Capt’n Cmoore aka C. Moore)
09 Lose Control feat. Shayna Martin (prod. by Payru-P)
10 Straight Chillin feat and prod by Don Cox
11 The Hater Motivator (prod. by Don Cox)
12 They Mad feat and prod by Amefika Thin C Williams
13 On The Blocc feat. Black Sun, B Tha B-Boy (prod. by. Big Poppa Nard)
14 It Aint A Thing
15 Gettin’ Money (prod by. Shon Montana)
16 The Walking Dead (prod. by Amadeus Bozart)
17 Ambitionz feat. Black Sun, Slimm Goines, Multiple Man (prod. by. Big Poppa Nard)
18 Mind Not Right feat. King Warz (prod. by William Onatakasiw aka Crysiss Beats)
19 Theres No Stopping Me (Thin C, Texas Thoadest, Relentlezz)